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Regional planning and project management
Regional planning: Conversion and reuse of industrial sites
Project development according to the ZERI principle of minimum waste
Marketing of inoculated plugs for growing mushrooms and dried mushrooms
Consultancy for mushroom grow

Regional planning and project management
Touristic development in rural areas require identification of the touristic potential and targeted marketing activities. A pre-requirement for modern tourism is careful protection and long-term maintenance of ecological features and resources. Commercial aspects and ecology are no contradiction for ecotourism and go hand-in-hand.
Reference project: Development of a group of touristic attractions in Eichsfeld, Thüringen (Germany). I developed an informative walking map and information pack for tourists which describes geographical, ecological and cultural features in the region. Tourists can learn about the region and the local population see that their region contains important features which should be preserved.

Regional planning: Conversion and re-use of industrial sites:
Unused plots of land are getting hard to find. Construction is continuously encroaching on previously arable land. The conversion and re-use of military and industrial sites to recreational areas is one solution. Such sites are often close to conurbation areas and are easy to get to. It is necessary to identify the qualities and potentials but also the industrial legacies (e.g. pollution). I can prepare an inventory of the current situation and an expertise on reusage.

  • Inventory reports: Identification and assessment of biotopes, plants and animals on the site and preparation of maps using GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Usage analyses: Who are the potential users and how can conflicting usage interests be resolved.

By including interest groups and local residents/politicians, re-usage plans and schedules can be developed which are based on local requirements and demands.

Project development according to the ZERI Principle
Large scale mushroom growing is a good example of the principle that waste is not known to Mother Nature. By-products of natural processes (such as dead trees) are re-used by other naturaly processes. I have looked for ways of applying the recycling principle outlined by ZERI  (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) to waste created by human activities. Solutions have been developed in several projects to re-use waste from one production activity as a raw material for another activity. This results in a win-win situation for all participants.

Marketing of inoculated wooden plugs for mushroom growing
Cnsultancy for mushroom growers
The large number of enquiries I receive through this website show that more and more people are interested in healthy nutrition and in growing their own food in the garden and last but not least there is a general interest in nature. Farmers and gardeners are also looking for new potentials and products. Mushroom growing has become a new activity for quite a lot of people. There is a rapid increase in consumer interest and awareness in  other mushroom types than the widespread champignon.

Dried mushrooms and mushroom powder from controlled organic production
Many mushroom types have been considered as health remedies in Asia for thousands of years. People in Europe are becoming more and more conscious of the healthy effects of eating mushroom. Medicinal benefits of mushrooms are often described in medical literature. Click here for more information.

I welcome enquiries for participation in such projects from other countries.

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