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In contrast to champignons which grow e.g. on peat, shiitake mushrooms grow on wood. The shiitake has been highly valued in China and Japan for more than 2000 years, not only as a tasty edible mushroom but also due to the numerous health-promoting effects. The shiitake mushroom can be fried or steamed as a complete meal on its own or as a tasty accompaniment to a wide range of dishes. The typical aroma is even more pronounced if you cook using dried shiitake mushrooms.

The shiitake is good source of protein, potassium and zinc, an important element for activating the immune system. It contains large amounts of vitamin B1 and B2 and also contains vitamin D, which is particularly important for vegetarians.

That the shiitake is a very healthy mushroom has now been shown scientifically. Above all, Japanese research has confirmed its ability to reduce cholesterine and strengthen the immune system. In addition, substances isolated from shiitake can help to fight tumors.

Our innoculated plugs
One of the oldest methods of growing shiitake mushrooms is to grow on logs (see picture on home page), which typically yield harvests over several years. The logs can be seeded using our innoculated wooden plugs.
It is quite easy to prepare the logs using our inoculated wooden plugs (you need a drill, an 8 or 10 mm  bit, a hammer and fresh deciduous wood logs, preferentially oak or beech).

Our inoculated logs
Depending on seasonal availability, we can also sell you already inoculated and matured logs (oak or beech), which should produced mushrooms for several years (see price list).

Our mushroom culture blocks
An easy and fast way to grow shiitake mushrooms is to use a mushroom culture, which is an inoculated block of wood chips mixed with other organic materials. Put the mushroom culture indoors or outdoors and protect it from direct sunlight. A high humidity is advantageous (you can cover the culture with a plastic bag) and a temperature of ca. 14 to 18° C is ideal. The mushrooms should already start to grow after a few days.
We currently only supply mushroom culture blocks in larger quantities, e.g. 100 blocks or more, and only within Germany. Please ask about availability and price.

The mushrooms are harvested in several flushes  (4-5) of ca. 100-200 g per harvest. The quantity per harvest depends on how many times you have already harvested, the environmental conditions and how large you allow the mushrooms to grow before harvesting.

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