Wood types for growing shiitake and other mushrooms

Overview of wood types

The following table lists the recommended wood types for inoculation using mushroom plugs.

Mushroom type

Wood type

Log diameter

Log length


Beech, oak
(birch, alder)

ab 10 cm

ab 60 cm

Oyster mushrooms

(birch, ash, alder, poplar)

ab 20 cm

ab 30 cm

Pioppino (Agrocybe aegerita)

Poplar, willow

ab 20 cm

ab 30 cm

Velvet foot (Flammulina velutipes)

Birch, alder, ash
(poplar, willow)

ab 20 cm

ab 30 cm

Brown stew fungus (Kuehneromyces mutablilis)

Beech, birch, alder
(ash, poplar, willow)

ab 20 cm

ab 30 cm

It is best to use the wood types at the top of each list, but the wood types in brackets should also be suitable. The information on log diameter is given as a rough guide only.

Above all for shiitake, you can also use fruit tree wood, e.g. apple. Wood from coniferous trees cannot be used!

The wood should be healthy (!) and stored for a minimum of ca. 6 weeks and a maximum  of 3-4 months. It should not be allowed to dry out during this time; if necessary, water with a watering can before inoculation.

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