Growing Shii-take and other edible mushrooms

Shii-take and other edible mushrooms
how to grow your own

Shii-take Pilze auf Holzstamm 

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The shiitake mushroom originally came from Southeast Asia. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular mushrooms worldwide alongside the champignon and the oyster mushroom. It is healthy and has a delicate taste and is easy to grow on wood, even outdoors.

We provide the following products for growing Shii-Take mushrooms:

  • Inoculated wooden plugs to seed mushrooms on your own logs,  available for shiitake, oyster mushrooms etc.  see pricelist).
  • Inoculated oak or beech logs (seasonal)
  • Inoculated mushroom substrate.
  • Mushroom-growing and cookery book for shiitake and oyster mushrooms (German language only)

Hands On / Earth Report - TVE film on mushroom growing on BBC World

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